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Movement to protect cows in Maharashtra gathers pace

BJP vice president and senior MLA Mangal Prabhat Lodha has warned the State Government that mass protests can be expected all over Maharashtra if a law protecting cows against slaughter is not passed within 30 days.

The Maharashtra Legislative Assembly had passed a bill 18 years ago against cow slaughter in the state. After being sent to the Centre, the Hon'ble President of India had requesteda report on the bill threetimes. The state government has failed to produce this report since 18 years. MLA Lodha had strongly voiced his opinion regarding the issue in the Assembly a few days ago, but the government did not respond to him in the regard. MLA Lodha also appealed to the Assembly Speaker to order action in the matter. It may be pointed out here that MLA Lodha had set up an Animal Welfare Board in the Assembly last year but the board has not conducted a single meeting.

MLA Lodha, while stressing on the importance of the Cow Protection Bill, pointed out that farmers will benefit from it and so wil the environment. Declaring the Maharshtra state government as the weakest in the nation, Malabar Hill constituency MLA Lodha questioned that if the government cannot produce a report in 18 years,nothing can be expected of it. Given the present conditions that prevail in the state, farmers will benefit a lot from their cattle and will help protect the environment if the Bill is passed as an Act within 30 days. He also said that the new government at the Centre is also expected to pass a similar law. Thus implementing the law in Maharashtra is important and a statewide movement will be initiated if the government fails to do so.

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